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real red leaves post micro nut

real red leaves post micro nutrient application  

 I wonder if this affects the alkaloid profile?
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hey @Daniel-Cox & @pharmatree

hey @Daniel-Cox & @pharmatree welcome to the #kratomapp! How long have you been using kratom?

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Welcome to the Watchdog, #krat

Welcome to the Watchdog, #kratomapp!  Ask questions!  Lots of cool people will reply!  No question is too silly 🙃 

Loving watching this app grow and improve along with the plants and now trees of topic.  Hope everyone is feeling well.  I fell down some laminate wood steps recently.  No limbs were torn off, so I didn’t seek medical treatment.  I can, however, attest to being seriously GLAD I packed multiple strengths of kratom to be available on a pet sitting gig (stoked people are doing safe travel via vehicle,). Much appreciated having some helpful caplets for 2 days.  Then a wean down for 24 hrs and back to regular “getting old/not active enough” aches and pains..

Certainly am praying 🙏 this mess with shipping out of Indo gets resolved soon!  I’m not clear on why brokers are still vending directly on the front lines while shipments are not going anywhere soon.... yes, I’m a bit beachy from the injuries I sustained...

Doing better, tho.  Thanks for sharing my momentary whining.  

Great to see new people finding the app!  #kratomapp

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