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My entire working career has been supplemented by Kratom (got hit on a motorcycle at 18).

What caused you symptoms?

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What do you think will help get others over here? What sort of message should we send out?

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as a former board member and cto I wouldn't send them a dime. 

They ejected anyone that actually consumed kratom or switched them into contractors (Angie and robin I'm looking at you). They removed me for pursuing this app. Despite my tree farm and work with local universities to study this tree!

but when you look at what they have achieved as an orgization you can see the potential power for good. It's definitely a tough one for me. 

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@roadkill said:

<p>I was talking to a guy this weekend that owns a Kratom bar locally. He was talkin to me about his source and was telling me it's hydroponically grown and that the quality is superb. Which got me to thinking. If it takes 4 or 5 years before the plant is producing the proper alkaloids how can they possibly be hydroponically growing trees of that size? Or is there a way to produce what we want in shorter periods of time and on smaller plants</p>

  I just saw an ad for wholesale at $ 10/kg 10,000 kg min. Hard to believe hydro can be done cheaper.

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   Its been a year since I received these as red solo cup size cuttings. 

 pinched early on to induce bushiness 
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@guywithtrees How are the transplanted trees doing? 3 week follow up. They had a rough month?