Took Vitamin D 15 minutes before my dose

To preface this I need to say results came back from blood work and I have very low vitamin d and I usually take vitamin C and Himalayan salt for my lyme symptoms. When the doctor told me my vitamin d has been low I found that I already have a vitamin d supplement I purchased last year from an alternative doctor, which I took last night 15 minutes before my kratom dose and holy s***. I couldn't really sleep (though I felt great) because of the potency of either the kratom or vitamin d. The dose of green jongkong I take usually lasts about two hours then wears off by hour 3. I took this at 2:30am and at 5:00am the effects we're still full on. It didn't slow down until about 7am which for me is unheard of.

I'm not sure if something is up with the vitamin d supplement I have(this was the first time taking that specific supplement), but SOMETHING made that dose extremely powerful. I've been taking that specific batch for about a week and a half and never had an experience like that. Hell, I've been taking kratom for pain daily since November 2018 and never had an experience like that. I either stumbled upon something, have a tainted batch of the supplement or have such low vitamin d that taking it was what my body needed to properly absorb the dose of kratom.

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Very interesting....
My Dr just told me my vitamin d is low to so I bought some vitamin D plus and I will have to take it later before I drank my kratom tea. You have me very curious now lol. Plus it be good to take vitamin d :)


That's definitely something I'm going to have to try.