What do you tell people you're drinking if they ask?

Sooo I'm a registered nurse. I work in a hospital. I've had a few people ask me wtf I was drinking. I usually just say it's green tea or some kind of protein supplement since I work out. Obviously the solution to this is to not use a transparent container but that's not always possible for me. Just wondering what other people say who ask.

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I'm an RN too.
A few coworkers saw my cup 9f green slurry and asked what it was with a horrified look on their face. I just said it was an herbal energy drink and that was that. I usually try to hide with a styrofoam coffee cup.
I always mix the powder with about 30 MLS of water and a sweetener packet.
I had back surgery in 2009 and was on percocet for years until I found KRATOM. My daughter introduced me, I did go through some withdraw symptoms but it's been almost 2 years now. I'm so grateful
How do you take it??


@lkycat I do something similar. I just mix it in with a cup of water and sip it all day. Makes work pleasurable enough.