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I am really impressed that there is a plant that has this great of a pain-relieving benefit. I've had a bit of a bum leg due to falling down a flight of stairs when I was a baby. My leg got sprained pretty bad and as I grew older I developed an awkward gait. I get fairly bad pain from excessive physical activity, located in my lower-back/left-buttocks area (sorry lol) because of the gait.

Despite this, I choose to live a very active lifestyle, including working in a factory where I spend a good deal of time stacking boxes on pallets. The constant lifting, bending, and twisting can make my pain flair up, especially when we have busier weeks. I have always relied on NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen to manage the pain. However, not only do I not like taking very much of these drugs, they don't target the muscles in a way that really reduces the pain. The issue is more in the muscles themselves and the maldevelopement from my accident, it's not so much an inflammation problem.

Kratom has given me relief in a way no other non-narcotic substance has. It actually relaxes the muscles which reduces the tightness and cramping that I develop towards the end of a long work week (I work 6 days straight every-other-week, often 50+ hours). It has truly been a blessing because once this pain starts, my day/week becomes very challenging to get through and requires me to sit down often and do an awkward stretch to temporarily relieve the discomfort. The 16 hours between leaving work and returning the next day is not enough time for the pain to subside completely, so if we have a busy Monday then the pain starts early in the week and compounds until Friday or Saturday where it is basically unbearable.

So yeah, this plant is the shit. I can take a little when I need it and almost completely forget about the cramping pain, not have to sit and stretch as often, and actually enjoy the workout my job affords me instead of dreading it.

In addition, kratom seems to help me think and speak more fluidly. I feel like I solve problems faster and with less effort than before. I articulate myself more clearly which has been an issue stemming from mild to moderate social anxiety all my life.

I definitely feel the mood-lift effects as well. I'm less depressed and as I result I eat more (which I have struggled with all my life) and sleep better.

Someone else mentioned that it helps them achieve their goals and I absolutely feel this as well. I'm more inclined to grind for something I want instead of going for instantly-gratifying things. This means I can save up money for very rewarding purchases like pricey gadgets or (currently) a new car. I also find myself working towards better relationships with people. I have been reaching out to people I care about more often and deepening relationships with them like never before.

There are some downsides as with any substance, but most of them are bearable or have solutions.

Constipation is one, but I've found that by adding fiber and waiting to dose until after I've had a bowel movement that day helps counteract that.

Also, taking it on an empty stomach has led to some discomfort and gas, but I can avoid this by eating a small snack with my dose, and again using fiber to keep things going down there.

It tends to make me too stimulated to sleep and so I try to avoid taking it late at night, but this is hard because it is a somewhat tempting substance and saying "no" can be difficult at times. I've read that melatonin is something to experiment with to remedy this, haven't tried it yet though.

Anyway yeah just thought I would share how it helped me like many people do on this sub. Definitely the perfect antidote for my ailments! I'm very happy I tried it. I thought it was just something kids get high on but I was being way overly-skeptical. It does obviously produce a bit of a buzz sometimes but I've found like many others that you can't really force this euphoria to happen. It doesn't get any stronger with increased dosing. I've read that this is because of the agonist-antagonist relationship. The more you take, the more it blocks those same receptors that produce the feel-good state, so less is more.

Hope this helps someone looking for an alternative to standard pain medication, or something to keep them feeling better about life in general.

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