Anyone want to start a kratom farm in the US?

Hey guys,

I want to start a kratom commune somewhere in the US. I know that we don't have ideal growing conditions, but I think we could make it work with a little ingenuity.

Growing kratom and writing novels would be an amazing life. There will be some dogs, too.

I can't do this alone. Anyone in? I am 100% serious right now.

Another edit: It's becoming a farm/retreat/educational center. We charge people to go on retreat and that's how we make money. Also, we farm kratom. Also, our future lives rock. This will most likely be in south Florida.

Edit: If we pitch it right we could get venture capital funding to cover start-up costs.

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I'm working on it now. Pm me and let's talk

Sounds like a great idea let's get behind this people