This email may have already been posted elsewhere, just thought it would be good to re-post. I got an email today about a very generous donation matching contributions for the next 5 days only.

Email reads as follows:

Kratom Warriors:

Maybe it’s Scott Gottlieb’s parting gift to the FDA – or maybe a signal the FDA is going step up its attack on kratom – but they are using their unlimited budget to go after the AKA.

We won in Utah. We won in Georgia.

And we are winning in a dozen other states right now, and the FDA has panicked!

Just a couple of days ago, the FDA convinced a legislator in Louisiana to file a bill to ban kratom completely.

We see anti-kratom bans popping up in numerous towns and counties across America – wherever the FDA can spread their lies about kratom and hope the AKA cannot get there with our lobbying team.

That’s why I am making this urgent plea to you today.

I have been on the phones non-stop trying to drum up the money I need to cover the costs of our lobbying and science teams to fight the FDA’s lies.

When we have the funds to get the job done, we can win. And that argument convinced a donor to help with a matching commitment for every dollar you contribute – but there is a catch.

The donor has agreed to match every dollar up to that first $50,000 I can raise – that is incredible.

But even better – that donor will then DOUBLE-MATCH EVERY DOLLAR FROM $50,000 TO $100,000!


The donor will keep that offer open for five days.

That was music to my ears because our lobbying and science costs are mounting every day, and I do not want to have to pull the plug on all of those efforts.

Particularly now that the FDA is doing all they can to ban kratom.

I have asked before, but now I desperately need your help today.

If you haven’t made a donation in the past, please consider helping now.

I know many of you have responded to my pleas for donations in the past, and I am very grateful for all you have done.

Today, the threat of the FDA stopping our momentum is real, and that is why I desperately need your help.

Please hurry, I need to collect these donations immediately.

My budget for lobbying and science is depleted, so I need every dollar I can collect to help us take full advantage of this very generous matching offer.

Please dig as deep as you can to make a donation today, and thank you again for your support.

I strongly urge everyone who is able to pitch in :-)

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