I realize that everyone is very different when it comes to addiction, and this likely depends heavily on if you have used real opiates in the past or not (I haven't besides hydrocodone for 2 weeks when I got my wisdom teeth out), but I just feel like the addictiveness and withdrawal symptoms of kratom are a little exaggerated, and not only among the opposition. I have been using daily for around 3 years now and I normally dose once a day (at night), maybe two cups on weekend days but due to my schedule, occasionally I go days without, yet don't particularly notice any withdrawal symptoms. Possibly a slight headache after 48 hours without dosing but thats about it. Although I haven't experienced opiod addiction thats not to say I'm not well versed in addiction and withdrawal, being a former smoker and alcoholic, and I feel as though ceasing kratom doesn't even compare to the withdrawals from nicotine. Does anyone else feel the same way? When do you guys first start to notice signs of withdrawal/uncomfortability from going without kratom?

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