I got some news a few days ago that turned my world upside down. My best friend and lover is in trouble with the law. He's kind and has been my "rock" for three years. Now he's facing a year in prison and a felony that'll change his life forever. My opinions on our criminal system have done back flips and I wake up with a knot in my stomach so tight I want to puke.

I've been taking Kratom every day for about 9 months. I use it for energy and social anxiety. My anxiety and depression is managed well with other anti-depressants but this life changing event gave them a run for their money.

Fucking thank God for Kratom. I drink it right after breakfast and boom!--I find new perspective and think clearly. My life isn't over, it's just changing in a way I don't like. If I didn't have this I'd turn to other short term anti-anxiety drugs that may hurt my life worse in the long term.

I loved Kratom before this event. It helped make me a more level headed and ambitious person. But now, it's a fucking godsend. I haven't given money to the AKA but I think nows the time.

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