Making a Case for Kratom

“Case in point, Johns Hopkins University addictions specialist Jack Henningfield, Ph.D.who conducted an eight factor analysis of kratom claims it's no more addictive than a cup of coffee and that scheduling it - meaning classifying it as a drug of abuse - would cause more harm to society than leaving it alone.”

That is an AWESOME interview you have just shared with us, HM! 
You represented our community beautifully & well, PERFECTLY, Thank You  :heart:

I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say, that is exactly the "good medicine" all of us needed right now.
I am so proud to be fighting this fight with you!

Very nice Report. It was great that they actually talked to people who seemed to know and care about kratom. I'm sooo tired of the rebuttal to some local doctor being a headshop owner or employee. Also liked how it was shown in both cases to help people with their pain. Pushing the pain and anxiety depression angle a bit more widens the amount of people who can understand. Super find!