I've used Kratom for around three years now, using it to manage (not cure mind you) anxiety and ADD symptoms. I usually take it daily, with a day break here and there, and I'll take a longer break just to make sure I don't get seriously addicted to it. I just got off a 2 month break, and the week so far has been absolutely wonderful. I'm starting to build new habits, I'm not as depressed in my outlook in life, and just feel energized that I intend on carrying.

I recently got went through a break up, and the month after I felt extremely desperate for anything really. A mix of social anxiety and being a 6/10 attractiveness wise I didn't get much other than awkward dates, but now I feel completely ok with being single. I usually said that to clear away any relationship talk, but now I truly don't want to be in a relationship. I'd rather work on myself and my career/hobbies/college.

Honestly I feel like a new leaf has turned, not the usual half ass mindset of 'I'm gonna turn my life around' and give up a week later. I feel like my mind physically changed, and I want to go all in that change and just be a better person. Basically it's like I got lost in town looking for a restaurant that I've always been talking about, but then I ended up finding a better restaurant and going with that.

If you're using kratom the same reason as I am, heed my advice:

It's not going to cure anything

Respect kratom as a drug, and be mindful how much you take

Don't expect kratom to carry you, it's merely a different kind of bait. You still have to cast the line and reel in the fish. If it doesn't work then fine, if it does then great.

Take breaks. If kratom stops working upping your dose isn't an option, especially for a substance known for 'less is more' and known to be pretty addictive in some people.

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