I really want to thank this community. I haven't been active in here for a little over a year now, but this is probably the nicest, most helpful collection of people I've ever found on the internet.

From age 18 to 23, I had a problem with pills. I used every single day for about five years. One day, I ran out of oxy, and my sources were dry. Out of desperation, I decided to grab some of those green capsules I had seen under the counter at my local tobacco store for months, but knew nothing about. I felt great! I started doing research on kratom immediately, and found this sub reddit which I used to learn a lot about this (for me anyway) miracle drug. I ordered a bunch of powder kratom and never looked back. After daily kratom use for a few months, I was able to get off of it and stay sober. I only recently started taking kratom again because I've been going through a rough patch, but I'm so thankful I have this to turn to instead of much harder drugs. It breaks my heart that the FDA is pushing to make this illegal, but regardless of that, I feel like I owe my life to kratom. I was headed down a real dark path, and although I hit my own rock bottom, it could and would have been much worse without the existence of kratom, and this community.

Thank you all, and thank the kratom gods

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