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Proposed legislation to place kratom into PA's schedule 1

DO NOT PANIC. The advocacy groups are aware and are working on it.

  • 04/12/18 15:38 EST - email reply from Pete Candland at the AKA "We are working on this. We are hoping to have some additional information soon."

This is all new. It was just introduced.

It will be going through the standard legislative procedure (not an emergency scheduling process) so a lot has to happen before it could become law (see outline below).

This is not our first rodeo and WE WILL FIGHT THIS as we have fought before. I know this is scary and frustrating and upsetting but we need composed, measured responses - not hasty outbursts. We must remain vigilant but we do have time to mount a response. Sign the petition. Work on your testimonial. Ask if you need help.

Sign the Petition

Implement the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Pennsylvania

Contact the Bill Sponsor

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Scott Conklin (D) - PA House of Representatives - 77th District - Centre County

Offices for Rep Conklin

Main Office - State College Service Center: 301 S. Allen St. Suite 102, State College, PA 16801

  • Phn# 814-238-5477
  • Fax# 814-863-3898
  • Hours of Operation - Hours: M-F, 9:00am - 4:30pm

Philipsburg Office: 213 N. Front St., Philipsburg, PA 16866

  • Phn# 814-342-4872
  • Fax# 814-342-4874
  • Hours of Operation - Hours: M-F, 9:00am - 4:30pm

Harrisburg Office: 314 Irvis Office Building, PO Box 202077, Harrisburg, PA 17120-2077

  • Phn# 717-787-9473
  • Fax# 717-780-4764

Contact Your Own State Representative

In addition to contacting the sponsor of the bill, contact your own State Rep directly. They will be voting on this.

thank you u/MichealKeaton

Unless there is a loophole in process for scheduling drugs in PA, it seems like this bill still needs to go through the legislative process which means that we have time to fight back.

I don’t see how in any scenario that Kratom could be banned in 30 days (what PhillyKratom is stating). This is obviously very concerning but I don’t think the sky is falling just yet.

Here’s the process for PA:

Step 1:
The idea for a bill is conceived and developed by one or more legislators.

Step 2:
At the request of the sponsoring legislator(s), the Legislative Reference Bureau drafts the text of the bill.

Step 3:
Chief Clerk of House (or Senate) assigns a bill number to the bill.

Step 4:
Speaker of House (or President Pro Tempore of Senate) assigns the bill to a standing committee.

Step 5:
The Committee considers the bill, holds hearings, takes evidence, and decides whether to support the bill.

Step 6:
If the Committee supports the bill, it is presented to the entire chamber (House or Senate) on three separate days for consideration.

Step 7:
If the bill (1) requires an expenditure of funds or (2) results in a loss of revenue for the Commonwealth, the bill must be sent to the Appropriations Committee while it is being considered. The Appropriations Committee provides a fiscal note for each bill it receives that indicates how much the law would cost the Commonwealth if enacted.

Step 8:
During its days of consideration, legislators may debate or comment on the bill. These debates and comments are recorded in the House and Senate Journals.

Step 9:
On the third day of consideration, the entire chamber votes on the bill.

Step 10:
If the chamber approves the bill, it is sent to the other chamber for approval – Steps 4 through 8 are repeated.

Step 11:
Once both chambers have passed identical versions of the bill, it is sent to the Governor.

Step 12:
If the Governor signs the bill, it becomes law and is given at “Act” number. The Act is published individually as a "slip law."

Step 13:
At the end of the legislative session, all of the slip laws from that session are bound into a volume titled the Laws of Pennsylvania (also referred to as pamphlet laws or session laws).

Step 14:
The slip law is codified as part of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, which are organized by subject (as opposed to the pamphlet laws, which are organized chronologically).

thank you /u/tpotts16

Here is the statute, page 7 check the section 3 heading. This law is for a board of pharmacy scheduling situation. However, this just seems to be a standard legislative bill and if it hasn’t passed I have no idea how it could just become law without any notice. Then again I have no knowledge of how the Pennsylvania legislature works.

Here is the spread sheet I did a while back going over all of the states [emergency scheduling provisions].

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