At least they have no credibility in my mind, or many of you people's minds. The rest of the sheep who called themselves Americans, well they think the FDA has got their back. And I guess that's fine for them.

But on the other hand us folks who see the Sham for what it is, and realize how much this whole situation is being manipulated with Kratom, and how they are just playing loose loose loose with facts, so much so that they're not facts anymore --- it's all spin.

Total BS.

And you know what really sucks? This totally undermines any respect i have for our federal government.

Underneath of it all, I would love to be able to think that these protection agencies are there to protect us. Well that's trashed for me.

I am never going to trust anyting the FDA has to say, and I'm always going to question their motives.

As an example: What about that stuff called Spice or K2 that they are so against?

Well, I personally know that it's really scary stuff, but on the other hand why should I believe the FDA? They surely lied about Kratom. "Let me try some of that K2 it's probably all hype....."

Then I wind up dead.

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