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Ban Watch - The Short Version

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  • LA has already introduced a bill in the House.

Sad News

Memorial Fund For Kratom Researcher Dr. Bonnie Avery McCurdy, Wife Of Dr. Christopher McCurdy

Many of you are familiar with Dr. Christopher McCurdy and the great work that he is doing in kratom research. While he is the face we know, his wife, Dr. Bonnie Avery McCurdy, has played an equally valuable role in kratom research.

Her passing is a great loss for her family, friends and colleagues, as well and the entire kratom community. Please, show your support for Dr. McCurdy in this time of sorrow, as well as help support kratom research by giving to her memorial fund.

"Dr. Bonnie Avery’s contributions to the understanding of kratom simply cannot be overstated. In fact, up to and during her final weeks, Dr. Avery's dedication and commitment to kratom research were essential to furthering our knowledge about kratom. Personally and professionally, Dr. Bonnie Avery will be missed by all.

The University of Florida, where Dr. Avery conducted her research, will accept donations from those in our community who wish to celebrate Dr. Avery’s life and further the studies she was so unfailingly dedicated to."

Their research has given us much of the science we rely on in fighting these bans. They were instrumental in securing the $3.5 million NIDA grant to bolster kratom research.

Please consider making a donation to honor her life and invaluable contributions. She deserves our undying gratitude and respect.

You can donate via the link below.

The Memorial Fund for Dr. Avery goes directly to further Dr. McCurdy’s kratom research.

You can leave condolences and sign the guestbook here

Here are pub med searches for research

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