Contact Your Ohio-Based Kratom Vendor Today

Ohio Kratom Warriors:

Our fight to keep kratom legal in Ohio is heating up, and the next step under Ohio law is for the proposed scheduling of kratom to be subject to a review under the Common Sense Initiative.

This review is focused on analyzing the business impact of any proposed administrative rule in Ohio. Comments on the proposed kratom ban are due by the end of April.

Ohio Kratom Warrior’s need to contact every Ohio-based kratom vendor to ask them to submit comments on how a ban will impact their business – and submit those comments by April 30, 2019.

The regulatory document CAN BE FOUND HERE, and it should be provided to every Ohio-based kratom vendor. Sections 14-18 deal with “Adverse Impact on Business” and vendors should provide information on those sections. The conclusion of the Board of Pharmacy was that there would only be 3 kratom-specific businesses and 1 kratom vending machine in Ohio impacted. We do not believe that this information is accurate – but it is also very important that vendors provide information on the economic impact a ban will have on their business.

The American Kratom Association has strongly contested the proposed scheduling of kratom on the science, particularly the failure of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to meet their burden to prove that kratom:

  1. Has a high potential for abuse;

  2. Has no accepted medical use for treatment in this state;

  3. Lacks accepted safety for use in treatment under medical supervision;

  4. Poses a risk to the public health of the citizens of this state.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has ignored the powerful scientific evidence provided to them that none of the stated criteria has been met, and we plan to now take that case to the Ohio Legislature.

In the interim, it is very important for kratom vendors to speak out and participate in the Common Sense Initiative by submitting their comments by the April 30 deadline.

Contact your Ohio-based vendor today, and please let our Executive Director, Pete Candland (pete.candland@americankratom.org), know the vendor that you have contacted so we can send them some additional information.

This fight is critically important, so please contact your Ohio-based kratom vendor immediately.

Thanks for all you are doing in our shared fight to keep kratom legal.


Edit: This is not part of the email... Michelle Rhodes contacted the Ohio BOP today (04/22/19) and confirmed that they want comments from EVERYONE affected by this, not just Ohio businesses. Source

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