I've dug a bit on posts on this sub, and perhaps I cherry-picked my searches, but I wanted to post this for anyone else out there who is looking for a way out of an addiction.

Yesterday I tried Kratom for the first time. See, I wake up, drink 2.5 shots (measured so I can taper), and begin the day. I found I was turning back to drinking midday to overcome anxiety. The pattern is, wake up, drink, midday, drink, nightime, drink, sleep 7-9 hours, repeat. My blood pressure has shot up, anxiety edges me into weird corners, all that jazz. I'm ready to move on.

A local shop here sells Kratom and I figured what the hell, lets try it. It took about 45 minutes to kick in, and I felt great. I did drink out of habit at night, but honestly it was only habitual and because I realize that I need to avoid serious complications with withdrawal as I taper.

I slept like a baby after a red strain. Woke up, felt great, measured for my taper plan, did the thing strictly due to knowing the dangers of cold turkey, and am about to start the day and cut out the midday drinks.

My heavy drinking started a few years ago, my alcoholic level-drinking was a months ago, and I am ready to let go. It took one day with Kratom to really feel like I can rip this monkey off my back. I've never felt more confident.

No heavy heart beats, no panic. I guess these posts are a bit common, but I just wanted to add a voice to the cause and thank everyone in this sub. You convinced me to try, I did, it worked, and I have felt the effect. Drinking felt perfunctory, and I know feel confident I'll get past it.

Thank you.

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