I'm the one who just started. I take methadone just to feel normal (all I can get) and want kratom to end the cycle. 1st day was great but I think maybe it was part mental (it's all part mental right?) Cuz I was excited. Felt good all day with just 20mg of methadone (usually I'd feel shitty at night and not sleep great).

But the second day wasnt as good or the third. White strain makes me tired. Red seems to work but I need to feel energized during the day. Green seems to be my thing so a few questions.

  1. Will it help if I up my dose to like 5-7mg? With drugs more isnt always better so I'm asking.

  2. Can coffee be drank during and after dosing and does it potentate it?

  3. What else helps kratom work better?

  4. How important is the empty stomach thing?

That's it for now. Since it didnt work great I fucked up. Tried to get percs off of letgo and got beat. I'm not some punk but she was a nasty crackhead and had a good game plan. Gave me 10 pills with 1 letter difference to 5mg percs and she stunk so I just wanted to leave. I need to feel ok though while I taper the methadone and quit. I'm home with my daughter all day. I can't be sick. How can I make kratom work for me?

Thanks guys.

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