So I am a chronic pain patient and have been taking Kratom for about three years, mainly Bc I have to supplement my pain meds (I get two per day norco 10/325 for a large variety of major issues in my low back). Anyway, since testing positive (although I didn’t test + the first time) I tapered off and have not taken Kratom in over three months. I wanted to take a T break anyway, but the two norco a day are absolutely not cutting it.

Since I quit I have been through a 12 week chronic pain rehab program and exercise 5-6 days a week- I still have a lot of pain. I just went through two rounds of steroid injections and they didn’t help for longer than five days.

I have a check in with my pain clinic next week - my main question is has anyone found a way to still utilize Kratom AND keep your contract in place with a pain management center? I read it can take a week or longer for it to be out if your system.

I don’t want to necessarily go back to daily use, but I need the pain relief! I can’t go off my meds either Bc I need those for relief as well - I was never able to get complete relief from Kratom - my first burn was always good, but a second or third one for some reason always less effective.

I know I will not get more painkillers from the clinic - they told me I “was lucky to get any at all” several months ago when I asked for 4 more PER MONTH . Idk why they treat you so crummy when you get referred to them by an orthopedic doctor in the first place!

Anyway, sorry for the rant, just wondering if anyone can help me with how I might go about this. I have to check in with them every three months. Advice appreciated!

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