Hey folks, so usually i don’t mind the inability to eat anytime within the vicinity of taking kratom to be able to get good effects. It’s a bit inconvenient, but very manageable by having a specific schedule for eating and dosing. However this weekend some friends of mine invited me out to dinner and a play with them. With my bad back and hip, i know i’m going to have a hard time actually enjoying the play and spending time with the people i care about instead of counting down to when I can go home and lay down. I’d love to be able to take some kratom, but with dinner before the show, the effects will be ruined. I think my best options are to either to take the normal kratom ( i just pour hot water with some honey) before dinner and eat a fatty meal because i occasionally get a boost from fatty foods if i’m lucky. Or i’m thinking maybe an extract could be a good idea, because with less surface area, i think it’s less likely a meal would effect the absorption. Or i could just try to skip the kratom and take a bunch of cbd, anti inflammatory herbs, and weed, but i know that combo won’t do as much for my pain as the kratom would. Anyways I would really appreciate some advice or to hear someone’s experience with trying to get around the eating problem.

TLDR: What’s your technique to taking kratom so that you will still get some effects if you eat a meal?

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