So a little while ago I picked up a 3oz bag of powdered kratom. I tried a few diffrent doses form 8-12 grams the past few days and liked the effects. But last night i had a few drinks... After drinking a pint of vodka drunk me wanted to have some kratom . So i grabbed my scale and my kratom but my drunk hands werent too good at measuring so i ended up dumping close to 30 grams of it into my glass.

Instead of doing the smart thing and put some back i was like Fuck it. I filled the glass with warm milk (i thought the milk might help with the nausea) and started downing it. WOW DID IT TASTE HORRIBLE. It was so powdery but i was drunk so i just downed it. After a little bit of time i was feeling pretty good. But it didnt take long for the nausea to set in.

That nausea was almost crippling. I havent felt the need to puke that bad since i had mono. So i stumbled my way to the toilet. Almost as soon as i sat by it it just started coming. I havent puked in over a year but i think this made up for that as the half digested spaghetti came out of my mouth like a fucking geyser. There was enough force to pound a nail into wood. Oh boy did it hurt. After that i did feel decently better so i went and sat in my bed. But thats when it hit me again and soon it was round 2 electric boogaloo. After that i was feeling pretty drained so I managed to force myself to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and felt good for about 20 minutes but that didnt last too long. All abord the nausea train, round 3. After that i slept till about 2pm then got up and went to work.

Tl;dr ate waaay too much kratom puked my guts out but had a little fun before that

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