So I long story short, I'm alcoholic as fuck. 30 years old and been drinking since I was 13. Life came crashing down on me last December when I caught a felony and went to jail, sobered up in a cell and got served divorce papers and a restraining order from my wife and my daughter. Life was shitty.

I rediscovered kratom and began piecing back together my life.. its helping me and it is really changing my life. I used to relapse all the time.. this ain't what people in meetings would call "sober" but I tell you what I wake up feeling good, not awful and miserable and scared. Alcoholism sucked so much I cant believe I put myself through that.

My wife dropped the divorce and I got a car again, keeping my job and life is alright. I can enjoy it, as fucked up and chaotic as it can still be. I'm not drowning. Kratom doesn't have the evil destructive energy attached to it that alcohol does. And I dont even want the stuff anymore.

Any other recovering alcoholics out there using kratom? Tell me about your experience, and if you still go to AA or any support groups, how you feel about kratom and how it has helped you.

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