It has almost been 2 months since I first tried kratom and although it doesn't have any recreational value for me, I still take it to relax and alleviate stress.

Anyway, the taste of kratom is something that I have become accustomed to as it has a very similar flavor to other herbal remedies from S.E Asia like a plant called lagundi and banaba.

Since I'm from the Philippines, there is a widely available citrus fruit called calamansi. It is great when its juice is boiled alongside kratom to make tea. While I'm not sure about the plant's availability in the west, it should be sold at Filipino or Malaysian stores.

I really suggest taking kratom with calamansi as it drastically tastes better. Lemons and limes don't compare at all and calamansi is super cheap. You can even get its juice online in extract form.

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