So, I live in an illegal state and every few months or so have a chance to go out of state to one of my favorite shops that sells kratom. Tonight is one of those chances

The experience is consistently enjoyable but I do have one hangup: eating. Obviously i don't take it unless on an empty stomach. The problem is that sometimes, not all the time I get extreme hunger and become hyperaware of it, and it takes away from the experience a little. I usually eat a full meal two hours in. The problem with that is it seems to kill the effects, and put me in a weird completely anhedonic state (different than if I hadn't taken at all) and I end up just counting down the hours till I can dose again.

Two questions: is it preferable to eat snack-sized meals throughout the day? I just wanna make sure I get enough calories if I do. And what about eating 30 min-1 hour after dosing, after it's absorbed? Having trouble understanding the science behind food killing it's effects if it's already absorbed.


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