So, i kinda fucked up and have a few very important tests coming up in 1-2 weeks. i already have some kratom and tried it a few times (own a few different types of reds/whites/greens).

After these test, I have a period of a few months with little responsibilities and even though its not the most healthy thing to do, I wouldnt mind having to deal with a withdrawl so daily use is an option.

So, I guess my questions are: - White and green veins seem the most logical choice as a study aid to me (correct me if im wrong), would you alternate between the different veins each day?

  • (Re)dosing, ill have to study 12+ hours, when do you think is the best time to redose? How many redoses? Same or different color vein?

  • Would it be wise or unwise to, on top of what I use as study aid, also take for example a red vein for relaxation after im done studying for the test?

  • Any other input regarding kratom as a study aid, maybe even different study aids or advice on how high doses should be, anything is appreciated.

Thank you for reading this, any imput is appreciated, Just looking for as much knowledge as possible from people who have taken and studied kratom way longer and better than I have.

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