You will see some odd stories pop up. Case in point the 2 year old death in Missouri only now becoming a story with Missouri looking at KCPA to regulate the plant.

There is plenty of interest from rehabs and medical folks to not see these laws pass in some places as they either see Kratom as an unknown or worse a threat to their profits.

When media articles from states working on KCPA legislation pop up, take some time to find out as much info as possible. Make sure you go to the media writing what you feel are bad stories facts about where they absolutly are wrong, not just where you think they may be possibly. The court of public opinion is where laws can be made or die very quickly. Best way to to make sure whatever you present, its air tight when it has to do with someone else, especially in the case of a death.

Coming across looking like an insensitive crank may make you feel better but it's also something media that are against the KCPA and kratom may later use.

Just be careful, especially with states where KCPA is being worked on. It's awesome that so many are involved to push the media to stay factual, just make sure you have your facts in order also. If something is missing, find it. Find something.

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