I recently reached a point where I realized I was overdoing kratom to the point where it was not enjoyable anymore. So I had a reckoning and made some changes. I put these rules in place for myself, and here is what happened.

Rules: ** Never dose more than 1x per 4 waking hours 2. Use m. hirsuta and m. javanica for cravings 3. For one week per month use stem and vein as 25% of every dose. 4. Take 1000mg agmatine before bed every night 5. Try not to exceed a level teaspoon dose (less really is more, there are exceptions though)

Results: 1. Burns feel muuuuuch better 2. Burns last muuuuuch longer 3. You will acknowledge your relationship with kratom is both healthy and sustainable

For anyone struggling with overdoing kratom, seriously, utilize these tricks and the magic will positively come back.

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