April 30th is TUESDAY! Not Wednesday. I am so sorry.

Here is the great discussion from yesterday's terribly incorrectly titled post

The public comment period is OPEN TO EVERYONE!

DEADLINE - TUESDAY April 30, 2019

Not just business, not just residents, EVERYONE. They have only received a few hundred comments so far. We are 68,000 subscribers. We can do better than a few hundred comments. We MUST do better. We have only a few days left but that is plenty of hours to get something done.


If you are having trouble writing your comment, post here and someone will help you. You can also post your rough draft as a text post on the sub and people will help you refine it.

Your comment does not have to be complicated. You do not have to be an expert or write a dissertation on the science of kratom. Choose a few links to things that ring true with you.

You matter. Your story matters. No matter your situation, your voice matters. You don't need to have a super dramatic story for it to be worth telling. I know many here would be lost without kratom but if your life is more average, your perspective isn't any less important. Either way, you don't have to get super specific with your personal story.

Speak from your heart. Express that you do not agree with Ohio scheduling it as a controlled substance. Urge them to follow the science and more thoroughly examine current research.

As long as your comment is polite and respectful, anything is better than nothing!

Here is the Original Ohio Post with much details and some discussion

What happens after the comment period? Here is State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy Guide to Rule-Making Process .

Please be sure this information is posted on any other forums you visit!

Post about AKA Email regarding businesses

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