Well recently I have been dealing with what I can only describe as PAWS from both drinking and Phenibut use That completely stopped about 2.5 months ago, after about 2 years of alcoholism and six months of Phenibut use.

Acute withdrawals are long gone but I have been using kratom to ease the high amount of anxiety, boredom and negative mood I have been feeling since I stopped drinking and Phenibut.

It has been quite effective. I use kratom on work days (5 days a week) spreading about 7-10 grams over the course of the day. Usually spread across 3 doses of 2-3 grams.

I have been doing this for about a month and a half and it is very effective and definitely puts me in a much more relaxed, positive mood that allows me to function and think much better to perform at work more effectively.

On the days I have been without kratom on the weekends I have not noticed any kind of withdrawal effects.

About how long would it take to become addicted physically to kratom if taking 7-10 grams 5 days a week?

What physical signs could I look out for that might hint towards a developing addiction on the days I am without kratom?

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