I’ve been using kratom daily for a little over a year now. I first started using kratom to help me get off opiates (it helped TREMENDOUSLY and have been clean for a year). But now I’m a little worried I’ve just become dependent on something else. I’m thinking of maybe cutting my dose in half or something along those lines because cutting anything cold turkey is never my forte.

I normally do a chug n’ wash method with about 1/2 tablespoon at least three times a day of the powder (before it was a tablespoon and I realized that was probably too much) what do you guys think? Am i still taking too much of it? I think I’m just a little paranoid because I’d only done light research into kratom before I started using it because I was ready to quit opiates no matter what...and now I’ve read different articles regarding liver damage and other scary effects of long term use. I’m not sure...i don’t want to believe that the long term use would hurt me, but that would be naive of me. I was also told everyday kratom is not advised? I would really appreciate some advice! Because right now I’m just stressed. Lol

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