Hey guys! I hope I’m not breaking any rules with this post. I went to my local head shop, been dealing with those guys for years, and they had something new. They told me interesting facts about Kratom and I thought, what the hell. Well I read online about the strain I purchased (Maeng Da) and seen that I needed about 4 grams to start having an effect. Since the capsules are .6 grams a piece I took 6, and I’m feeling really good. It’s definitely improved my mood and helped with my intense back pain. I’m actually really glad I picked this up!

I just had a few questions. After browsing this sub, I seen that you should never buy from local head-shops. Can anyone tell me why? I’ve been going to mine for years and they seem pretty reputable.

I have also seen that you can get just the powder (online I’m guessing?) or you can get capsules. Could anyone please tell me what the advantage would be of having just powder over capsules? Besides the fact that capsules actually take time to dissolve.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your time! I’m really excited to delve more into this, and learn as much as I can about it as well as hopefully be a brand new participating member in this sub! :)

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