Hi! So I’ve been taking Kratom for about a year now, roughly. And I’ve noticed that my usual addict tendencies are creeping up, taking more than 20g a day, etc. I’ve reached the point that depersonalization is coming back almost daily and it’s worrisome as I’ve got a family I need to function for. Is there any methods of detoxing off of Kratom that y’all use? I want to completely cleanse my body of it for a while. About a few weeks even, would be ideal as I struggle with pain (the whole reason I got into opiates and now Kratom to stop the opiate use.) I know detox may not be the correct word, so forgive me. I’m pretty desperate at this point, as Kratom no longer works for me (I’ve tried whites,yellow, green, red to no avail, tried different vendors too) and seems to only give me anxiety/depersonalization/Derealization moods. I know it may not directly be causing it but it’s the only new variable as I’ve been free of those symptoms until my doses have been larger and larger.

Thank you in advance!

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