Hi guys, so, I've been researching various links and guides you have provided and questions.

I have severe anxiety disorder. In reading about the reds , I understand they are more for lower energy and sedative affects( depending on dose) However, one guide states that the Borneo is supposedly better for anxiety and that the Maengda is the most potent of the reds, tho does have calming affect too.

Again, I know the lower the dose on any Red is usually energizing and higher dose more sedating.

Does anyone with severe anxiety have an input between the two? I have maengda but won't start my process until next week.

Thanks for any advice? Having anxiety about thinking about this process is giving me more anxiety😲 lol. I know, just relax. But those if you that have dealt with severe anxiety on the daily may understand.

I get it. Suck it up butter cup!

Thanks for the continued help.

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