I've seen some complain of ill-mixing and trouble ingesting the material. Of course it doesn't simply bind to water/liquid and can separate into nasty, difficult clumps.

Here is a great trick to make a quick, easy and hard-hitting drink.

  • Place kratom powder in a glass.

  • Add a touch of CHOSEN LIQUID. I use water as it's free and healthiest, rather than drinking sugary shit like OJ etc.

  • You merely add enough liquid to mix with a teaspoon into a paste. The paste should resemble wallpaper paste, or thick yoghurt, or guacamole or something. This is something you'll learn in time and understand when you see and do it. A paste is what you want...hell, shoot for toothpaste consistency even. Perhaps eeeever so slightly thinner.

  • You may opt for black pepper and fresh turmeric to be added at this point for potentiation. Lemon juice may be beneficial too.

  • Now, fill up (not too much, no point prolonging the taste) your glass with more CHOSEN LIQUID. Give a good cyclonic mix with a teaspoons down the hatch bobs your mother's brother.

All you need to to is man the fuck up and get it down you :) kratom isn't supposed to be a pleasant drink - we take it for it's effects so let's not be precious about it!

Now this method may not be new to many of you and some might even think it's not all that different from typical juice methods but trust me, if you didn't know of the pre-paste, it's incredible the difference it makes. I've used this method on and off for years -it hits harder and faster than any other method.

As someone who's taken this plant for 12/13 years and seen many different grind consistencies, tried every possible ingestion method known to man from multiple attempts at the highly wasteful tea, useless extracts, even "smokeable" resins to the most potent methods - toss and wash...my gold standard, old faithful; glass of water, teaspoon, 12g down the hatch in 20 seconds... or this method.

I like this method because for reasons known only to the magic Kingdom of faeries, the precomposed paste turns the kratom into best friends with its liquid vessel and you don't even notice it slip down your slithering slimey gullet, save for the taste. Now try it without the paste and note the difference.

Of course you might also be one of the select few for whom potentiation is also possible via means of inhibiting the enzymatic function of CYP3A4 and drink white grapefruit juice prior the appropriate times to ingesting. That's a different kettle of topics and plate of fish altogether though.

This post was brought to you by insomnia and an undeserved sense of self-regard. I'm sure everyone knew about this but if it helps even one person I'll be happy :) it can be a tricky plant to ingest. Here to help if anyone needs :)

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