Hey guys,

I'm currently session 4 in to a huge back piece. For some ungodly reason as I've gotten older my pain tolerance has lessoned and I actually start to panic a bit about 3-4 hours in. A friend gave me Xanax to use which works with the anxiety my brain likes to have for no reason, but I don't feel comfortable with how many I have to take and I don't feel comfortable asking her for them once a month.

As much as I would like to just sit there to stick it out, my brain does not handle this idea well and I almost have a panic attack or get really hot and almost faint. This never happened with other tattoos I have, and at this point I can't just leave a giant unfinished piece.

Anyway... While researching other methods of pain tolerance I stumbled into kratom territory. A couple other places on Reddit mentioned two strains that they personally used when getting a tattoo, so I bought those from an online store that I also researched.

I have green Hulu kapuas and red maeng da.

Have any of you here used kratom for a tattoo? What are some of your thoughts with these strains. How long does it last once you've dosed?

Today I'm doing my first dose to test. I chose green Hulu. 4 grams. As it stands right now my body feels tingly and I care way less about how sore I am from working out. It's pretty nice.

Thank you for reading my babble.

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