Hello everyone! I have taken kratom for over 6 years, it has helped me in so many ways and so has this community. Today is my day to give back :). I have found by far the most effective method of consumption (for me personally) that has consistently better than normal results damn near every time. I have taken 13.75g daily (with numerous breaks) for the past three years without raising dosage and maintaining the same effect with the same exact 2 strains.

My method of administration begins with "parachuting" all 13.75 g rapidly with very little room temperature water. Immediately after consumption I take 2 teaspoons of bragg's apple cider vinegar straight as a shot.

Try to not drink too much water or have much in your stomach as a low stomach volume greatly impacts the success of this TEK.

Then you want to chill for about 10min, just go about whatever you are doing as usual. You will literally feel the apple cider vinegar kick start your digestion, you will feel hungry if done on a semi empty stomach within a few minutes. That is when you want to pour yourself a small glass of regular coca cola, no more than 4-6 ounces is necessary. Begin to sip very slowly over the course of the next 15-20 min. You will begin feeling effects rapidly even before finishing the soda.

I think it's kinda like a mini acid base extraction in your stomach between the vinegar, stomach acid, and cola. This should be totally safe to do maximally once per day. All of these items can be consumed together with no harm to your stomach and intestinal tract in sensible doses. It is likely less harmful to digestive health than going out and having some extra hot vinegar based wings with a soda. (This is speculation, I am not a doctor. However I have talked to my doctor about this and he says as long as I dont go over the 2 tsp per day of the apple cider vinegar there should be a POSSITIVE impact on digestive health.)

The duration appears to remain unaffected while the effect is notably faster and seemingly improved. If anyone out there could provide a scientific answer on why this works so well I would be in your debt. I think I semi understand what is going on but am no chemist. I have NEVER experienced any pain or discomfort from doing this, in fact I have never even felt nauseous from the combo (likely due to the cola) while I do sometimes get nauseous from kratom by itself.

For anyone who is interested my two strains that I have used exclusively for several years now without any decreased effect They are red maeng da and red ketapang. I never mix the strains and always rotate them daily as well as switching up the time of doses depending on my preference any given day. Never more than 1 dose per day. Sorry for the long post ladies and gents!

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