Sorry this may be kind of gross, its digestion related. But I'm new and haven't figured everything out for myself yet.

So I had only taken as capsules initially and I didn't like them much, the fast strain (white maeng da) one didn't work the way I thought (maybe i just dont take enough dose because taking pills is a pain) and the slow ones work fine. But I decided to try the powder Toss and Wash style and that went actually much better than I thought. However later, I thought I was just sick to my stomach ( not an unusual occurrence for me which is fine, I deal) and within less than an hour I got really bad diarrhea and about 4-5 more times throughout the day. But I thought it was just me. Anyway, I do it that way a few more times over the next week cause Toss and Wash seems easiest and fastest but the same problems occurred. So I was like 'okay T&W is the problem'. So next day I make a tea of it by boiling water and a teaspoon serving in a coffee mug with some honey added. It sucked, it took so long to drink cause it was hot but also grainy. Lo and behold though, within a couple hours I was feeling very energetic almost jittery but nothing bad, it was great! Finally I felt the effects of a faster strain, green maeng da. The only problem is taking it. Is there a better way to do the tea thing? Is there a gentler way to do toss and wash that doesnt give me diarrhea? It's so weird because all I heard people say is it might constipate you, not the opposite. Any help or similar experiences I would love to hear! Thank you for your time in reading this.

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