Hi all,

I'm new to Kratom & recently I got a red strain which was pretty nice, with my largest doses probably up at around 10 gs, didn't have any problems and fx were clear & not vomity or stomach upsetting etc. I got some other kratom from another place and ordered a green & red half / half.

The new batches seemed potent too, maybe a bit more, BUT .... I got these stomach aches afterwards. I ended up staying up late, puking alot and having a burning radiating pain in the top of the stomach. Not excruciating, but bad enough ..... it seemed to be a precursor for serious vomiting to come.

It's Sunday evening now and I last dosed (5gs x 2) on friday 4pm and the pain and mild sickness is only really backing off properly now. Eating has been really hard.

I was puking up re-hydrated leaf (presumably kratom) and extremely acidic liquid . I thought if it was powdered leaf no intact leaf shapes should show up ? lol it was disgusting.

I tried different ROAs. they are in capsules so initially just as is, and then I broke the open to toss/wash, both methods gave the pain.

I thought I liked kratom but really this put me off, I really dont wont that again I don't think it's worth it for any effects imo..

Anybody else had something like this ?

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