This is actually getting long so I'ma split it into parts. Part 1 is my current kratom experience and part 2 is the important part that is relevant to the title!

*Part 1: *

Howdy kratom people. So I've been interested in kratom because I have issues with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fatigue, and all that fun stuff. I did a lot of research on it and read that whites tend to be the most energizing strain, so I got white bali and tried it for the first time like 3 weeks ago. Apparently I didn't do enough research because I found out like 2 days ago that white bali has sedating effects, which would explain why I get so tired after about 2 hours.

Here is how it goes usually with white bali: increase in mood after about 30-50 minutes typically. I almost always crave arabic salad with extra lemon juice, I crave the sourness of the lemon. I'ma try white maeng da next for these issues.

*Part 2:*

So I practice a sport called freestyle soccer (or football/futbol idc). [Here is an example of what it looks like (you can watch like 10 seconds and get an idea, you don't needa watch the whole thing.)]( That isn't me, I'm not self promo'ing and I wouldn't wanna reveal my identity anyway even if this is a throwaway. But as you can see there are a lot of fast rotations around the ball. And as you can imagine it completely fucks everything under your waist. I have had a hip injury where inside rotations around the ball (think counterclockwise as opposed to clockwise) can sometimes give me a one time sharp pain, like a click or something. I've been dealing with this for over 2 years, and I just recently completed to 4 weeks of physical therapy. The first day my physical therapist said he thinks it is due to movement in my pelvis, and he used words like "circumduction, Quadratus femoris, Quadratus Lumborum," etc. Anyway, it hasn't really noticeably improved much with physical therapy. The physical therapist said it is due to overuse and that I need to take time off to heal it. I've taken 2 months off last year and it helped but it came back. It comes and goes a lot.

So as you probably guessed here is where kratom comes in. It is quite impossible to push my physical boundaries with this injury so it is like my hip puts a ceiling above me in terms of my physical abilities. So I want to know if anyone would think that kratom would help with this painful injury, or if kratom is more for relieving muscle aches. If all it does is mask pain I would not use it for this purpose either, because it would ruin my hip even further without even realizing because I don't feel the pain. Think of it as walking on a broken leg, pain is a good thing because it is a warning. Pain killers don't fix your broken leg, they fix the pain. And walking on a broken leg is harmful whether or not you feel pain.

I am sure people who work out would know if it helps recovery time as well, because this is a lot like a leg workout where I have to take rest days almost every other day and I'm usually not going in with completely fresh legs. I did a little research as to what would be a good energizing strain that helps with pain that I can take before training and I am thinking of red maeng da. How is that different than white maeng da, which is something I plan on taking for my mood?

That's pretty much it.

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