Started taking it about 3 weeks ago. it has been such an amazing discovery for me. Due to its ability to treat depression/anxiety, I now consume 6 grams daily all in one go. Usually at night when I get to chill from a long day at work or just after a long day, it makes me feel ok. Like, good. But now it’s dawned on me that it sort of masks or numbs anxiety and feelings of depression. It’s kinda sad actually to know I’m becoming dependent on Kratom to a degree. But at the same time not sure if I should feel justified because it makes me feel like I can go about doing things I wouldn’t be able to do normally say for instance, being social. It is a crutch but it helps! Also quit weed and Kratom helps get over cravings. Idk wether or not to quit. It’s just so hard to come to a conclusion with all the controversy.

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