Hello /r/kratom. I'm not advising anyone try this themselves until more science comes out, but aside from using the broad leaves of this plant to wipe my ass when I'm hiking, I had been interested in the visual and olfactory similarities of Witch Hobble plants in my area ( Viburnum lantanoides ) to Kratom. I ended up eating two of its leaves raw. There was definitely similar effects to kratom, but I was mildly concerned about the more sour taste that left me with some stomach discomfort. Perhaps after drying and powderization, I believe this plant may be an honest substitute for kratom in places where kratom is banned. Like I said though, I would not advise anyone to try this without knowing exactly what's in it and whether it's actually edible or not. I would like some sources on the alkaloids of this plant; I can't find any but what I experienced was not placebo.

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