I stumbled into Kratom last year, and over time, have become a daily user. I make a tea and strain most powder out of it, and take capsules from time to time with the tea.

Though I know that I now have a tolerance and would have to taper for a while, I can't help but notice how many positives have come out of it:

  • I have more energy during the day--despite getting the same amount of sleep (I almost exclusively use green strains)
  • I had terrible gas and bloating after eating basically anything, as well as loud stomach gurgling and pain when hungry for most of my life. That's almost totally gone on Kratom.
  • I feel more willing to engage in social situations, or call people up to talk (helps for my job).
  • I had some issues with "bedroom" performance anxiety (I'm a male, btw), which has mostly gone away.

Just thought I'd share this with folks.

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