So I was taking methadone on weekends for the past four to five years. I think i did a decent job of keeping it around a couple of times a week but i decided to quit two weeks ago. Im now thinking about taking kratom on weekends (sat and sunday) and would like to get your advice/experience. Apologies in advance for the long post. Let me explain a bit about my history:

I never had previous opiate addictions. methadone was available through a friend and i was getting it in bulk basically for free! I am a very disciplined person and have a demanding job which helps keep me away from drugs during the week so I started to take about 5mg on saturdays and sundays over four years ago. While there were instances when i would dose an extra day i made sure to quickly get back on schedule. Few months back (after over four years) i noticed that i am regularly taking methadone on fridays too and my dose has increased to 10mg for over a year. So i decided to quit. I definitely experienced light physical WDs and am currently struggling with mental withdrawals.

I know for a fact that i will never take methadone again. I definitely realized that the long half life caused it to stay in my body during the weeksays and i basically never had clean days. I got rid of all my supplies and the friend that use to hook me up has moved and i only see him once a year. So im done with methadone for good.

I have taken kratom before and feel like i could use it in my life to be productive in weekends, and enjoy the time when im bored or lonely. Three questions:

  1. How long should i wait to start my weekend kratom schedule considering the long half life of methadone and the fact that i quit 15 days ago? I want to ensure my tolerance drops alot so i can enjoy avg doses of kratom (say 2 to 3 grams max). Should i wait until im clean a month or can i start this weekend (20 days clean)?

  2. Would love to hear from any long time and successful kratom weekend warriors / true chippers (couple of times a week). Have you been able to keep your routine for a long time? Has your dosage changed overtime and do you still enjoy it?

  3. Any of you chippers out there potentiate your kratom if so how often?

Thank you in advance.

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