English isn't my first language and it's kinda late here, so I might make some mistakes.

I've been depressed for a quite big part of my life and haven't felt genuinly happy very often, especially because - due to mental/emotional abuse in the past - it's gotten hard for me to actually feel positive emotions even if I might have some in that moment.

Kratom never really enhanced my mood, when I was in a previous (lowkey manipulative/abusive, overall not so great) relationship, so I was absolutely amazed when I took some Kratom with my current boyfriend. It made me feel so warm and happy and I just wanted to cuddle with him and he felt the same way so we just spent the next hours in bed, cuddling and talking quietly. We do this quite often now and I'm extremly grateful for this.

This helped me lern feeling positive emotions again. I'm still not entirely there yet, but I'm getting closer. A few times when I spent time with my boyfriend I was getting a warm, positive feeling and I instantly thought that this has to be the nice Kratom feeling, but then realised that I haven't taken and Kratom and that I'm feeling actual positive emotions. The whole time before, I was so scared that I'm unable to express/feel love, but now...

I'm s happy about this, that I wanted to share it!

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