Anyone ever randomly get a rash from kratom use? It's super itchy and forms on my wrist, armpits and my unmentionables. I have been taking it for 2 months without issue then got the rash two nights ago. It was gone when I woke up yesterday but came back with a vengeance yesterday evening. I am leaning towards it not having to do with kratom. I am not using a new strain and have used the same amount every day for 2 months. The thing that bugs me, and I hate is that theres no manufacturing regs that guarantee I didnt get something in my kratom. It's a big vendor, carried in a lot of shops and sold online, but who knows if it had something else in it. The whole batch didnt because this didnt happen until towards the end of this batch. I don't think it was purposely adulterated by anything and I don't have any known allergies even if it was. The rash is hives like an allergic reaction tho... ?? Switching vendors today to see what happens tonight.

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