I am a 22 year old guy. 2 years ago I herniated a disc and messed up my SI joint. I am a marijuana enthusiast, I love smoking but I am in illegal state and usually end up with a sativa which increases my pain dramatically. Which makes me sad, my mornings consist of tightness in my back and a burning sensation down my legs. I started taking white vein Borneo in the morning. I take between 3 grams to 4.2 and let me tell you. I usually don't go out much and working my job is very painful. Ever since I starting taking it my pain goes from a 10 to like a 3. It almost gives me my old life back. I have severe anxiety issues and the white vein makes me talk so much! Gives me that boost to get stuff done. I am grateful as I stopped talking ibuprofen after years of taking it! Can finally save my stomach and heart. It's crazy I take it once in the morning and it's like I get relief for almost the rest of the day even after the mental effects wear off!

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