This is what I wrote to send around whenever there is a public call for comments regarding Kratom bans, feel free to copy pasta:


I've seen a lot over the past few years about "Kratom related deaths." These "Reports" are nothing more than fear mongering. Of the reported related deaths, 80% were overdoses from heroine, fentanyl, or prescription opiates such Oxycodone.

Several of those supposed Kratom "Related" deaths were homicides, the victims having a lethal dose of BULLETS in their bodies.

The correlations between these deaths and Kratom are spurious at best. One could make the case that they were "Cheeseburger related deaths" as many of the deceased had some manner of fast food in their systems as well.

In truth, Kratom is a centuries old herbal remedy, no more dangerous than turmeric or chamomile tea. The opioid crisis was created by the US's lack of regulation and perpetuated by corporate greed. Alcohol is a leading killer throughout the world, yet you can purchase it nearly everywhere; the same is true of tobacco products. Vending machines kill 17 people a year on average in the state of Florida; cows kill more people a year than plane crashes. Yet we seem to carry on alongside these "Killers" just fine.

Prohibition does not work, The War on Drugs was a campaign born in racism and bigotry (by Harry Anslinger) and perpetuated by Nixon (an actual crook) and Reagan, who we now know had dementia. It has militarized our police, increased gang violence, and further divided the socioeconomic classes.

Kratom is just another victim of conservative grandstanding, fear mongering, anti-intellectualism, and a growing malaise of ignorance in this country. Kratom is a tool for those trying to break from the vicious cycle of addiction and oppression. It's a plant that has been cultivated by humans for centuries. It is absurd to withhold a readily available, naturally occurring remedy from people in need.

Do the research. listen to the people in need. Stop this madness.

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