I've been taking Kratom for about 2 months now, and an odd situation I've run into is that the very first TWO DAYS that I tried it, it made me feel AMAZ-ZUH-ZING. I was social af (which is very abnormal for me) and, at work, I worked harder and better than I ever have. For those two days, I had been taking about 2-3 grams.

The problem is, after those first two days, I haven't really felt much. Again, I've been taking it for two MONTHS now, but after those first two days I already felt like it stopped "working." I have tried upping the dose - this week I took close to 10 grams... Nothing. Not even a buzz. And I've also tried lowering the dose to anywhere between .5 - 2 grams. Nothing.

Anybody else experiencing this? I've been using the same vendor, and yes I've been switching between several different strains and veins. Nothing. It's like my body adapted within two days, and now Kratom has no effect. I repeat: yesterday and today I took around 10 grams. Nothing. I didn't even feel a tingle.

And yes, I've also tried going off of it for a few days, and then coming back to it. Still nothing. Also, I don't even experience withdrawal symptoms when I stop, even for several days at a time.

Is my botty broked? Maybe I need to try a different vendor? It's just weird because all my friends swear by this particular vendor and have been using them for years, and like I said, the kratom I got from them did work for the very first two days.

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