In the past month, I've placed online orders from various vendors. Many of the online Kratom vendors let you pay by entering your bank account number and routing number. Easy and convenient way to pay. Well, I just checked my bank account yesterday and saw a fraudulent transaction of $1,600 from my checking account. It was done using my account and routing number. I would hope this wasn't the vendor themselves using my account information to steal money from my account (I've only used recommended vendors widely considered to be legit). More likely my wifi connection wasn't secure and somehow someone got my account info (I'm no expert on how this cyber stuff works). But either way, it sucks. The money was transferred from my account directly into someone else's account. My bank is going to investigate it.

Has anyone else had a problem? It doesn't help that I work abroad and am generally using various shared wifi networks. I use a VPN when possible, but I'm going to have to be extra careful from now on. I hope someone can be held accountable.

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