That isn't healthy and eventually wears off. :[


I've tapered down from 40grams / day kratom to just under four. (struggling to maintain that four but that's another story) Possibly pertinent information, was using similar amounts with phenibut and piracetam and cut those out 2 months ago(?)

At any rate, not to be too graphic, but I used to have one, large crap in the morning but because my bowels weren't hydrated (even though I drank 2 gallons a day, easy) my shits became super painful and blood pouring out. Lol

Took a while to figure it out, (don't take bulk fiber!) it was a hemorrhoid. Which I thought was only for old or sedentary people. Guess not.

Long story short: take care of your bowels!

Trust me, you don't want pain like this. Hurts even when you're not using the bathroom and had turned a once pretty enjoyable ritual into a fucking prayerful event.

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